The Little Sis – fall parent-teacher conference

The Little Sis had her fall parent-teacher conference this week, and the report was good. They performed the Brigance Screen III on her, which is an assessment she’ll take again once she registers for kindergarten. Out of a possible score of 100, she ended up with 83.5, which is great for where she’s at in preschool. Things that took off points for her: She couldn’t tell them her birthday, phone number, or street address. She couldn’t write her last name (hey, we finally just got her to NOT mirror-write her first name!) or draw a square, rectangle, or diamond (her attempts were close, but not quite). She was able to order a group of items by color but not by size, and then she wasn’t able to walk backward toe-to-heel for four steps (who knew we should be practicing that?!).


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