Sneaky sleep snuggles

Our weekday morning routine involves me going to wake up The Big Sis first so she can start getting ready for school, since she has a bigger time pressure to get out of the house on schedule. After I’ve roused her, I go wake up The Little Sis so she can go to daycare/preschool. (The Husband is busy making the girls’ breakfast during this time, then he comes in to finish the wake-up process while I go get myself ready.)

But from time to time and for the last couple of mornings, I’ve encountered possibly The Cutest Thing Ever.

I go into The Big Sis’s room to wake her up, and I find our two little girls snuggled up together in the bed.

Oh, my heart!

I always pretend to be a little bothered by it, but mostly in a joking way because I really think it’s incredibly sweet. The Little Sis says that she wakes up during the night and wants to snuggle with someone, so she heads over to Big Sis’s room and settles right in. As long as she doesn’t wake up and/or disturb The Big Sis, then I have absolutely no problem with it.

With a 4 1/2-year age difference, their bond is sure to change over the years, so if they can have a few stolen moments of snuggle time overnight, then why not? We do let them sleep together on weekends, but the going-to-sleep process is often a disaster, as sleeping seems to be at the bottom of their to-do list, so we can’t really let them do it on weeknights.

Sneaky sleep snuggles seem like a very reasonable compromise for all.


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