To call The Big Sis a bookworm might be understating the situation. That girl eats, breathes, and sleeps books. My wallet is very appreciative of the library.

She’s been working through the Harry Potter series at bedtime with The Husband since probably late last year and (I believe) is currently on book 6 now. Because of her interest in that series, her teacher recommended the Percy Jackson series of books for her, and she inhaled that five-book series in less than a month. And each individual book isn’t some light 100-pager; these are pretty significantly sized books. She has now moved on to the Olympians series by the same author and is about halfway through the first book, weighing in at a hefty 500+ pages, after just two days.

I love how she tries to sneak in reading during whatever bits of downtime she can find. If it’s light outside, she wants to read in the car. (Well, she wants to turn on a light and read in the car if it’s dark too, but I don’t let her do that.) She’ll grab her book if she’s waiting on us to finish something before we begin helping her with homework, even if it’s just a couple minutes. She says she sometimes takes her book outside at recess, often reading even while taking her turn on a swing.

I know how important reading is for helping a child find the path to success, so I’m thrilled that she deems it so important herself. May her current passion for reading be a lifelong interest that always serves her well.


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