(Belated) 9-year-old well-child exam

The Big Sis had her (belated) 9-year-old well-child exam a couple weeks ago, and I forgot to update with her stats:

Height: 4’5″ (50th to 75th percentile)

Weight: 64.5 lb. (50th percentile)

BMI: 16.4 (50th to 75th percentile)

Blood pressure: 92-60

She had no visits to the doctor since her 8-year-old exam (and she might not have had any between 7 and 8 as well…). Everything looked good, and The Pedi didn’t have any concerns.

We do currently see a male pediatrician, and I’ve told The Big Sis to let me know if she ever wants to switch to one of the females in the practice, as I know that can be a preference that might develop as she gets closer to puberty and discussing girl-type things.



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