A self-esteem boost

Yesterday I had to take a shower with The Little Sis to make sure she got her hair clean. We stepped into the shower, and she looks at me from head to toe and says, “I love how you came out.” A little confused, I asked her what she meant. She said, “I love how you came out — like how your body looks.”

If anyone needs a self-esteem boost, she’s your girl.


Then again, maybe look out for this one.

Also in this same shower, The Little Sis was looking at my gallbladder surgery scars, and she was acting a little freaked out. I told her they didn’t hurt me, and I poked one of them so she could see. She said, “Even if I bite it, it still wouldn’t hurt?” Bite it?! Why would that even occur to her as an option?!


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