Five-year check

The Little Sis had her 5-year checkup earlier this week, and her stats looked like this:

Height: 3′ 9.5″ (95th percentile)
Weight: 58.2 lb. (>95th percentile)

This year’s milestone questions, which I think she’s all good on:

Can your child button some of his/her clothing, or some of his/her doll clothing?
Does your child react well when you leave him/her with a friend or sitter?
Can your child walk down stairs alternating his/her feet?
Can your child jump with his/her feet apart (broad jump)?
Can your child point while counting at least three objects?
Can your child copy a square?
Can your child name at least some of the letters of the alphabet when he/she sees them?
Can your child identify and print the first letter of his/her name?
Can your child recognize and name single numbers?
Does your child recognize common street and store signs (“stop” or “open”)?


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