Tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I sat down to look at my photos on the computer so I could find a good one for Wordless Wednesday. And then I realized it wasn’t Wednesday. So wait, it’s only Tuesday?! Ugh!


*The Little Sis is probably more princess-obsessed than The Big Sis. Send chicken soup and casseroles, please.

*I thought The Big Sis was sort of easing out of her princess obsession — until the movie Frozen came along. She has been hit with the bug badly. For as long as I can remember, her favorite color has been pink. But yesterday she told me that her favorite colors are now white and blue. “Because of Frozen?” I asked. A little embarrassed, she admitted that was why.

*I think there should be more evening entertainment options for people who don’t want to go out to bars/clubs. The Husband and I enjoyed a late-dinner date night this past weekend, as it’s easiest if we can get The Little Sis to bed before we go out, so the earliest we can leave the house is 8 or 8:15 p.m. By the time we finished with dinner, it was 9:30 p.m., and we weren’t close to any movie theaters to catch a late showing. The original plan had been to find a venue to watch a band play, which sounded good beforehand, but The Husband and I just generally aren’t “go-to-a-club-to-see-a-band-we-don’t-know-play” kind of people, so we decided to go get ice cream. An ice cream shop is much more our speed. But…then what? It was still just 10:30, and we didn’t want to waste the use of a sitter, but we ran out of things to do that didn’t involve drinking or eating. Not sure what the solution is there, though our solution that night was to go to Walmart and wander around a bit. I did find some new sunglasses, so it wasn’t a completely lame and pointless trip, at least!

*Warning: Potty talk in this tidbit. The Little Sis has been practicing using the potty for  a while, but she wasn’t making much forward progress, so we decided to take the plunge and switch to undies to see if that did anything. This is not how we did it with The Big Sis (who basically trained herself, and we switched to undies and she never had any accidents), but it’s what felt right this time. The problem? She was a poop-hider, meaning it was almost impossible to catch her before she pooped in her undies. (Which, I must say, kudos to The Husband for taking care of the many undies cleanups.) I’d watch her like a hawk for the entire time we were home in the evenings, then in the 15 seconds I’d turn my back to get her toothbrush ready, she’d poop in her undies. So frustrating! I don’t want to jinx it, but I think we might have finally turned the corner this past weekend and she’s actually pooping in the potty instead of in her undies, and her wet accidents are almost nonexistent. The only diapers I’m buying are the ones for her to wear at night (she’s definitely not ready to switch to undies at night), so fingers crossed that continues.



Monday, October 7, 2013

For several months now, The Little Sis has shown pretty much all of the readiness signs for potty training, but she wasn’t productive when giving it a try. We didn’t really press the matter, and weren’t in actual potty training mode or anything, but we just used it as a chance to give her opportunities for success, and if she did something great, but if not, then oh well. This has led to many, many times sitting on the potty without actual success. (Though, really, in our book, her sitting on the potty WAS a success.)

So we were at an indoor playground on Saturday, and I needed to change The Little Sis’ diaper before leaving. I took her to the restroom and tried to open the changing table, but she was very insistent, saying, “I wanna pee pee on the potty!” Thankfully, being a kid-centric business, they have a kid-sized toilet, so I told her we could give it a try, not expecting her to do anything at all. We went in, she wrestled off her own diaper, and she sat down — and I’ll be damned if she didn’t pee in that kid toilet within a minute. Go her!

I won’t bore with details, but we had two additional successes at home on Sunday, one with the potty chair and one with the potty ring for the toilet.

I still think we’re far from actually being potty trained, as she doesn’t usually let us know in time when she needs to go (usually, she has JUST gone in her diaper, so she can at least tell us that much), and she’s just beginning to have success, but it’s certainly exciting to see some additional steps forward and know that we are gradually nearing the end of the diaper-buying days.

Oh crap

Sunday, March 17, 2013

This will not be a long, detailed post, but just a record-keeping note that The Little Sis pooped in the potty for the first time earlier tonight (first time using the potty ever, actually). Yay her!

Wet ones

Monday, September 21, 2009

So of course Baby B woke up dry every.single.night but four during the month of August, so we made the switch to undies at night a couple weeks ago. She started out great, but now she’s had probably five accidents in the past seven days. Frustrating, sure, a little, since she’d been doing so well, but we knew this was possible, so we’re taking some steps to help her and will see how it goes before regressing back to Pull-Ups at night.

We’re really trying to limit how much she drinks in the evenings; she’d gotten used to taking a cup of water into her bedroom at night, and we’re trying to eliminate that first since I’m sure that’s a contributing factor. We’re also going to be waking her every night around midnight to get her to pee (which she does basically while still asleep and then goes right back to bed), hopefully in an effort to (eventually) teach her to wake herself up when she feels like she needs to pee. This will definitely take time, but I’m confident she can get there eventually. As with everything else, we just have to be patient and let her go at her own pace while receiving encouragement and guidance from us.

Daddies and clothes and being dry

Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby B is going through yet another intense “I want ONLY Daddy” phase right now, surely instigated by his absence over Labor Day weekend. I can only imagine what my weekend away is going to do for their bonding and for nudging me a bit further off her radar.


I went shopping for Baby B’s fall/winter wardrobe over the weekend, and I think she’ll be set for a little while. I went ahead and got stuff in 3T size. Some of it is a little big, but I think this way the clothes will last her the entire season instead of changing sizes in the middle. Other pieces that run kind of small fit her perfectly. Winter dresses weren’t as much of an option where I went (mostly it was just the fancy Christmas-type dresses, not the comfy cotton ones), so I focused on getting shirts and cotton pull-up pants. They had so many pairs of jeans and khakis that were cute, but I had to pass on those for now because in her size, most of them tend to have a real zipper and button or snap, and this year we need items of clothing that she can do herself. My favorite score? A maroon pea coat that is so stinking cute on her. Next up: shoe shopping this weekend, so she doesn’t have to wear her summer sandals with all these cute outfits!


Last week we decided to try undies at night, as she woke up dry all but four mornings on August (and two of those were when she was sick and drinking more). So far so good. She did have one accident on night two, but besides that she’s done awesome. I’m very proud of her!

Wordless Wednesday: Waking up dry

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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Potty night

Thursday, July 2, 2009

We were very, very, very, very lucky (very lucky) that Baby B slept through the night early on. Around 6 weeks old, I stopped setting my clock to wake her up, and she started sleeping through the night then and we haven’t looked back.

As I said, very lucky.

We’ve been blessed with unbroken sleep for nearly 2 1/2 years, so you might think it strange that I was excited to have to get up with Baby B during the night on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.


Because she woke up at 2:45 p.m., cried out an urgent cry, and said, “I need to go potty!” The child who doesn’t stir during the night woke up, realized she had to potty, and said it out loud so we could come help her. I was so excited to jump up and take her to the bathroom. And sure enough, she woke up dry later that morning.

We’re not officially doing nighttime potty training, but we’re keeping track of how often she wakes up dry, and she gets to put a smiley sticker on the calendar if she does, which happens maybe three days a week right now. Mostly we started doing this so we could see how often she wakes up dry, but she loves putting the sticker on the calendar on dry mornings — it’s the first thing she says when The Husband goes to wake her up — so it’s also giving her some incentive. We’re working on explaining to her why sometimes she wakes up wet (like if she has too much water to drink at bedtime) so she better understands the mechanics of what’s going on and she can eventually control it herself. So I guess I shouldn’t say that we’re not actively working on it, because I guess we are taking steps to help her in that direction. Perhaps I should say we don’t have any timeline in mind for accomplishing this goal.

I told myself we wouldn’t use Pull-Ups at all, but we did make the decision to switch to them at night. Here’s my thinking: We’d made such a big deal about switching out of diapers during the day, and diapers are for babies, etc., yet we were still putting overnight diapers on her at night. While Pull-Ups might feel similar to diapers, they are designed differently enough to seem different for night. Pull-Ups weren’t for us for daytime training since I wanted to make the switch to undies full-on, but the fact is most children don’t train at night as quickly, so we needed something different but similar at night. So far it’s working well for us.

Still no issues with daytime. I feel like I can confidently say she is trained during the day. I don’t get nervous when we leave the house, wondering if she’s going to have an accident. I know she might will at some point, but I feel confident that it’s not nearly as likely. I’m so proud of her!

Potty pooper

Thursday, June 18, 2009

So sorry to make this week’s posts so potty-training heavy, but this is a big deal right now, and I want to make sure I capture the experience. Just a few random thoughts today:

  • I am so unbelievably proud of Baby B! So far, that one accident on Monday at daycare is the ONLY accident she’s had all week.
  • We’re going out of town this weekend, and the only diapers we’re taking are for overnight. I do not feel a bit nervous about this. She’s ready. And if there are accidents, you know what? We’ll deal with it. I’m not even sure if I’ll take the potty chair (though it might come in handy if she has an “I gotta go!” moment while we’re on the road without easy access to restrooms. I’m still leaning toward no potty chair.
  • Using the timer has worked very well for us. Baby  B doesn’t necessarily wait for the timer to go off — she’ll use the potty when she needs to — but there are times that we need to get her to at least try to use it (like if we’re about to leave the house). We’ve stopped using it in 15-minute increments, but in order to avoid the struggle of “Mommy wants me to do this, so I’m therefore not going to do it,” the timer comes to the rescue. If I’m having trouble persuading her to try, I just set the timer for a few minutes, it goes off, and SURPRISE! Potty time! The cow timer said so! Not Mommy. The cow said so, therefore we must try. So far it’s worked beautifully.
  • I know we’re not out of the woods yet, but I’m amazed by how (almost) easy this has all seemed. But then I think it goes back to the fact that we wanted to wait until she was ready, and we didn’t push any arbitrary deadlines on her. At least in our case, I think that has been crucial.
  • I have no timeline in mind for overnight training, but Baby B has been waking up with less-wet diapers lately, and this morning she woke up with a completely dry diaper. We’ll continue to monitor things and let her lead the way. She’ll let us know when it’s time to drop nighttime diapers.
  • Baby B can get up on the toilet by herself without the aid of a stool. That’s great, of course, but it kind of annoys me in public because she has to use the toilet seat as a handle, and I can’t help but think of all the germs. I’m not usually a germophobic person, even with bathrooms, but the thought of her holding the toilet seat makes me cringe. You can believe we wash her hands really well afterward.
  • With diapers, we used the euphemisms wet and dirty to describe them more discreetly. I can’t really think of a good alternative to poop and “she pooped in her undies.” Saying “dirty undies” doesn’t seem quite the same, for some reason.

Let’s have a potty to celebrate!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our switchover to undies this weekend was a terrific success!

(Go ahead and skip this post if you don’t want to know specifics. It bugs me to no end when parents go around telling anyone with ears about their child’s potty-training successes [and failures] against their will, but this is my space to record such things, and people come here voluntarily, so I’m not forcing it on anyone. You can choose to read, or you can choose to skip it.)

Both Saturday and Sunday, Baby B stayed completely dry during the day, including during both naps! The only thing that day that could be considered an accident — and I don’t really consider it a real one — is when she woke up from her nap on Saturday, she started leaking a little while walking to the bathroom from her bedroom. I don’t count it, however, because she knew what to do and was just seconds away from making it to the toilet to complete the task. She did have one poop accident on Sunday when she was outside helping The Husband with some yardwork, but I’m told she did not like the feeling of it in her undies (as expected) and she pooped in the toilet another couple of times that day and again this morning. That was a bit of a relief because she hadn’t done that on Saturday, and I was afraid she was withholding on purpose, but she seems to be back on track in that regard, at least for now. It was also a relief to see that her stools were formed, which as you know they haven’t been for a year and a half now.  I hope that trend continues.

So today the potty show moves to daycare. We sent some stickers to daycare for them to use as rewards, and she seemed excited to go to daycare in her new undies. We sent plenty of extra undies and clothes along with her, but I suspect she’ll do well. I’m told she is super-eager to use the potty there, so I think the biggest challenge will be making sure she doesn’t get too involved in playing that she forgets to take a potty break.

Our next challenge comes this weekend when we go out of town for a special Father’s Day trip (which is a surprise, so I can’t reveal The Destination until afterwards because The Husband reads this blog). I think she’ll do fine, but the biggest thing is we’ll have to make sure we plan for easy access to toilets while we’re out and about (and maybe keep the potty chair in the car for absolute emergencies). We travel by plane at the end of July, so I’d love to feel 100% confident in Baby B’s potty use by the time we take that trip.

We’re well on our way!

Cow says, “RING!!!!!”

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today is Operation: Official Undies Switchover, Day 1.

We started by talking about the switch to panties a couple days ago, then I took Baby B shopping with me on Friday evening so she could pick out some (more) big-girl undies. I would have bought her whatever kind she wanted, but I’m so so so glad she didn’t buy the Disney Princesses one, or the Hannah Montana ones. We put some undies on after we got home last night, then went to an overnight diaper for bedtime, which I suspect we’ll do for a while until she’s ready for night training.

This morning we got up, took off her diaper, and declared that today was the day for no more diapers. As a symbol of this commitment and to help illustrate it for Baby B, we had her put her remaining diapers in the “trash” (they just went in the living room trash; we’ll get them out and keep them in the garage in case we do need to make the switch back, but here’s hoping we don’t have to). At first she was hesitant, but then she stuffed them in there quite eagerly.

Next plan of attack was to use an egg timer to set 15-minute reminders to go potty. She can go hours staying dry, but with the switch to undies, we need this to be a constant thought on her mind as she’s switching to relying on feeling whether she needs to go or not. Our egg timer is a cow, so we set the cow, and when it goes off, she says, “Cow says, ‘RING!!!!!'” We declare: “Pot-ty TIME! Pot-ty TIME!” and march and clap to the bathroom to use the toilet. So far she’s done something every time I’ve taken her to the potty, including twice at a friend’s house we visited this morning and once when we were at the library after that.

I just put her down for her nap, and so far so good…no accidents to report. So far she hasn’t pooped, however. Judging by what’s happened at daycare the past couple of weeks, I think she may be withholding on purpose and not going on the potty, so I think she’s going to have to just poop in her new undies and see how it feels in order to not be encouraged to do that. If that doesn’t work, we have a few other things we can try. We’re going to try our hardest not to go back to daytime diapers, as most success stories I’ve read or heard say that you just need to make that commitment and not look back, even if there are occasional small setbacks. Obviously if there are any major setbacks, we’ll adjust according, but it’s full steam ahead right now.

And then what happened?

Monday, May 4, 2009

I’m kind of brain-dead from finishing one of our biggest issues of the year at work, so I don’t have much left in me to compose a coherent post from scratch, so I figured I’d update on a few things I’ve mentioned recently.

*Potty training: This has slowed down quite a bit, ever since Baby B’s cast came off. We’re not sweating it, as I’m sure part of it is because she has some newfound freedom without the cast and doesn’t want to waste it sitting down. 🙂

*The post-cast era: Baby B still has a very, very tiny limp that I’m pretty sure that only I notice, so it seems like her recovery is going well. We have a final follow-up at the orthopedist a week from tomorrow to make sure things look good in their view.

*Ditching the crib: Baby B has not returned to her crib since she started sleeping on the futon a week ago, and even both naps this weekend were on the futon. When she doesn’t go to sleep immediately, so far she hasn’t gotten up from her futon and gone to play blocks (for example) or anything else. She’ll just stay on the futon and play with her baby dolls or read a book she has with her.

*Be polite: “Get out of my face” has morphed into, “Get out of my way.”

*Running/exercise: I’ve lost an additional ten pounds since the start of the year, so I’m very pleased about that. That brings my total to about 42 pounds. I’ve been doing the 30-Day Shred workout DVD most of the time, and now that the weather has gotten warmer, I’ve added in some running once or twice a week. I think I may do a 5K this coming Saturday, as long as the weather cooperates. No real goals or anything, just want to go out and have fun with it. (Who am I kidding? I’m sure I’ll have a time goal in mind, but the main point is to have fun.)

The over-under on toilet paper

Friday, April 24, 2009

I’ve always been a “toilet paper goes over” kind of girl myself. Much easier to start unrolling the paper, yet still easy to tear off. I’ve always had problems with using toilet paper that was turned so it’s dispensed from the under side; it’s always felt backwards and not intuitive to me, mostly because that’s not what I was used to.

I never thought the day would come, but I’ve turned my toilet paper to “under” status.


Exhibit A: The toddler who thinks it’s fun to unwind ALL of the toilet paper during each potty trip.

This probably isn’t a permanent solution as she cracks the secret to getting the paper off from this position (and perhaps she can tell me, because  I still struggle with it at times, especially overnight when I don’t turn on the light), but it’s working for now, so I’m going with it. I find it difficult to believe I’ll always keep the paper like this, but maybe that’s ultimately what makes people do it and never go back — the grabby paws of a little one.

Bear toilet

Saturday, April 11, 2009

On a whim, I decided to see if Baby B could use the toilet training insert for the adult toilet, and she’s now peed and pooped (two separate tries) while using it! This seems to be going too well. Where are we going to get tripped up? Using public restrooms? Actually making the move to big-girl underwear? Who knows, but I figure some big setback or holdup will occur. Not that this is easy, mind you, but it’s been going much better than I expected.

Incidentally, I love the names that kids come up with for certain things. She calls the toilet training insert a “bear toilet” because it has a picture of a bear on the back of it. Too funny! I’ll be amused when she tells her daycare

In the closet

Friday, April 10, 2009

I think I found the pickup challenge that’s more difficult than our former coat battles: the daycare potty.

We’re feeling pretty good about the potty training at home, but our biggest obstacle at this point it at daycare, where Baby B has to use a little kid-sized toilet in a little closet-sized room in her classroom. She’s in the class rotation for potty time at school, but they obviously can’t work with her as much as we can at home since they have 19 other kids in the room.

So when I picked her up on Monday and she said, “I wanna go potty” and started pulling down her pants, I thought, “Oh, this is good! It’ll give me a chance to work with her a bit and help her become comfortable with using the potty at daycare.”

More than 45 minutes later, we finally left daycare.

It was chaos from the start. Baby B asked me for help pulling down her pants (it’s a little hard for her to get them over the cast), but then didn’t want me to help. We finally got her situated, and her friend M comes over to “help.” Naturally M turns into more of a distraction than a help. Baby  B wants the closet door closed. Then M opens it. Then Baby B laughs at M opening it. “Sit down on the potty,” I say. Baby B plays with the toilet paper. M plays with the toilet paper. “No paper until you’ve used the potty,” I say. Baby B wants me to come in the potty closet with her. Baby B then decides she wants me out. The M comes to sit on my lap. Then M steals Baby B’s diaper and goes to throw it away. Then Baby B gets upset because, “M stole my diaper and put it in the trash.” “Yes, we’ll get you a new one,” I say. M goes to get her a new diaper, and Baby B wants to hold it. “Sit on the potty,” I say.

I could go on and on about every distraction in the room, but seriously it would take too long. Finally just one kid remained in the class, so I figured we should get out of there before they turned out the lights and left us in there or something. Naturally she didn’t want to go — “I wanna use the potty!” — but I told her we’d try again another day and could practice at home in the meantime. She wasn’t convinced, but we managed to get out of there.

My next pickup day was Wednesday, and pretty much as soon as I walked in the room, she started pulling down her pants and wanted to use the potty. I don’t want to discourage her, of course, so I was glad to help, but I had visions of Monday evening’s failed potty attempt dancing through my head. Her friend M wasn’t in the room this time, so there wasn’t as much of a distraction, and about ten minutes after I arrived, I heard the distinctive sound of tinkling in the potty!

“Hooray! You did it!” I exclaimed as she beamed proudly.

I also noticed that it was noted on her daily sheet that one of her times peeing that day was on the potty, too! Again, it’s nice to see steps of progress in this area. Seeing her on the potty there, I think it will definitely be easier for her once the cast is off. She needs to sit farther back on the seat so she’s positioned well, but if she does that, her cast touches the front part of the seat, and it doesn’t seem to be comfortable for her. Not too much longer for that.

Potty-training parents

Monday, March 30, 2009

Um, so I think Baby B is trying to potty train us!

We had a major breakthrough over the weekend. We had almost no wet or dirty diapers all weekend long (heck, she wasn’t in diapers for 95% of her awake time), and Baby B did most of her daily business in the potty. Sometimes we would ask if she wanted to go (and she would), and other times she would either tell us she would need to go, or I would find her with her pants down, sitting on the potty by herself.

There were times that we’d go through our whole routine of using the potty, wiping, pouring it in the toilet, flushing, washing her hands, and giving her a Very Special Treat, then not even five minutes later she was requesting to go to the potty again. Her latest toddler obsession has become using the potty (finally…a useful toddler obsession!). We think perhaps she’s learned to work the reward system and might be going only a little at a time in an effort to get more Very Special Treats, but at this point we’re just working on encouraging the behavior and can practice holding it longer at another time.

So now comes figuring out the next step. I think if I stayed home with her, we’d be ready to move on to underwear only and trying no diapers except for sleeping. (Wow! I can’t believe we’re here!) However, we have to factor in daycare when it comes to this process. They have a little child-sized toilet in the room, and they encourage the kids to use the toilet, of course, but it’s not like they can sit with each child for 15 or 20 minutes at a time, so she needs to really know what she’s doing and be able to do it mostly on her own before going diaperless at daycare. So I think we’re going to continue doing what we’re doing at home, encourage her to ask to use the potty at daycare to see if she might start doing it, then work with teaching her how to use the insert on the big toilet at home once her cast is off. (I want to wait until her cast is off because it’s going to involve her using the stepstool by herself, which is more challenging with the cast.)

I’m just amazed by how much progress she has made on her own with just our encouragement and not any pushing from us. She typically does her business within minutes of sitting down, and she’ll both pee and poop in the potty (I know a lot of kids really hesitate to do the latter). I’m not so naive as to think it’s all going to be this easy. I know we’ll have setbacks along the way, but I’m very happy with where we are in the process right now. I think a few things have helped, including watching the DVD “Potty Power,” and teaching her the words “push it out” as it relates to this process. One of the books I read had a potty training section, and it said that a lot of kids don’t understand what you expect them to do, but giving them words like “push it out” helps them know what to do. Also, using expectant language…things like, “WHEN you pee-pee on the potty, you’ll get a treat,” as opposed to “IF you pee-pee.” Make it expectant, not conditional like you think they might not do it. And, of course, part of it is that she may just be ready. I’ve been told you’ll know when they’re really ready, and I feel like we do.

And I must say that in relation to Baby B’s tummy troubles/diarrhea? It’s MUCH easier to wipe her bottom after pooping in the potty than it is to clean up one of those horrendous diapers. I was kind of dreading it, but it’s actually much easier.

My girl likes to potty all the time

Friday, March 27, 2009

I must say that potty training is going really well these days. (Oh no! Have I jinxed things now?) Nope, a cumbersome cast isn’t going to keep my girl from going potty and getting her Very Special Treats (one M&M for pee, two for poop). In the past few days, she’s gone multiple times a day for us (not bad considering she’s with us for an hour in the morning and three hours before bed), and it’s starting to happen nearly as soon as she sits down, instead of after the long 20- or 30-minute wait where we have to entertain her and encourage her to go. She’ll tell us she wants to go, she sits down, and she does her business. I love this girl!

We’ll continue to take her lead in this, as we have been doing, and see when we get to the point of feeling comfortable about ditching diapers. I’d like to do it over a long weekend, so Memorial Day weekend or July 4 weekend seem like they might be realistic possibilities, though of course we’ll hold off if it doesn’t seem like she’s ready by then. In the meantime, I’m thrilled to see her making very good progress.

A funny story from last night. If Baby B uses the potty after daycare, we’ll usually put her in cotton training pants until it’s time for her overnight diaper before bed. Well, last night she was in the training undies and was having so much fun playing that she forgot to tell us that she needed to go poop, so she had soiled undies. No biggie…these things happen, so we weren’t upset or anything.

But then there was the question of: How do we get the soiled panties off her legs without getting poop on the cast that she’s going to have to wear for the next several weeks? Hrm, we could risk sliding her leg through the hole slowly, but one move on her part would be a very bad thing. The Husband, at the helm of this undies change, pondered the situation and said, “How badly would you feel about replacing these?” I laughed and said, “I was thinking the same thing. We’re cutting them off!” No hesitation at all. We figured the cost was negligible compared to what could’ve happened if we’d tried taking them off the conventional way.

Ah, the things they don’t really mention in parenting or potty training books! 🙂


Sunday, March 1, 2009

(I realize this isn’t the kind of post that most people get excited about, but I’m mostly writing it here for our recordkeeping purposes.)

We had a definite breakthrough in the pre-potty training era of Baby B. She’s shown pretty much all the signs that she’s ready to potty train, except she would never do anything when sitting on the potty. Despite us giving her plenty of opportunities when she was very likely to need to go (ie, after breakfast, after nap, after an hours-long dry diaper, etc.), she never would complete the task and was happy to hold it and read her books with nary a tinkle.

But tonight before dinner, we had her diaperless (her request), then she suddenly started asking for a diaper. She’s pretty diaper-resistent these days, so I knew something was up. I said, “Let’s try going to the potty instead!” So off we went, and she sat down on the potty chair and started reading her books and singing the ABCs. Within a couple of minutes, she had pooped in the potty, much to my surprise! We were thrilled.

Fast-forward to dinnertime. We were at the table eating, and Baby B again requested a diaper and asked to get up. She made a beeline for the potty and sat down immediately, again singing her ABCs. Within minutes, she had peed in her potty! Again, quite a breakthrough since she’d previously only peed accidentally in there, and she’d never pooped in there before. (Unfortunately, she also asked again later to get up, and I didn’t think she had to go to the potty since she didn’t say so, and she had a little accident as The Husband was getting her up from the chair.)

I’d say that two things have made the difference thus far. One is being in the 2s/3s room at daycare, where there are a good number of kids who are potty trained or who are in the process of learning, so she’s exposed to the actions all the time. (In fact, I think she needs to be day potty trained before moving to the preschool room at age 4, so it’s definitely a focus in this room.) The other is that we got the DVD called “Potty Power.” It’s as cheesy as can be, but it has some fun songs and explanations about the potty. (See? I’m not completely against watching TV. Not at all. With potty training, I think it’s good for Baby B to get exposure to the ideas and processes from a variety of sources: us, daycare, books, DVDs, etc.) Anyway, she has started singing the songs from “Potty Power” (and The Husband and I get them stuck in our heads too!) and obviously is taking away a lot of the information in there.

We’re still not close to declaring our house a diaper-free zone for true potty training for a while, but this is definitely a start and we’ll probably start taking a few more active steps to encourage her learning and her recognition of when she needs to go. We’ve got some cotton training pants that we’re letting her wear around the house in the evenings and on weekends, and we’re also letting her go diaperless around the house when she requests it (and when we’re able to watch her closely). Both of those are in an effort to help her realize when she has to use the potty since disposable diapers do mask the feeling they need to know sometimes.

Let the potty watch begin!

Potty at our house!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No, Baby B isn’t potty trained yet, but I just wanted to record here that she has made some good steps forward in that area over the past few days. She still won’t do anything in the potty yet, but she remains dry probably 50% to 75% of the time we check her diaper, so she’s obviously beginning to gain the bladder control necessary to potty train successfully. Also over the weekend, she became super-obsessed with pulling down her own pants, taking off her diaper by herself, followed by sitting on the potty for large amounts of time. (This took up nearly the whole weekend, in fact. I don’t think she had on pants or a diaper for even 25% of her awake time!)

So it’s good to see her making some steps of progress on her own, though at the recommendation of the GI doctor and her pediatrician, we’re still not taking steps to push her along on our timetable until we resolve her impacted colon.

Pee is for potty

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I refrained from being one of those people who e-mailed friends and family about this milestone, but I’m going to post here that Baby B used the potty for the first time last night before her bath. She’s been much more eager to sit down on there lately, and she’ll do it naked without a second thought. So before each bath, we ask her if she wants to go potty, and that’s what I did last night, too. Obviously it wasn’t a deliberate, intentional act this time, as she was playing with a toy and just happened to pee while she was sitting there, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

Well, crap!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I bought two potty chairs on Saturday.

Um, when did I become the mom of a toddler on the verge of potty training?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know that Baby B is just shy of 17 months old, and we have no intentions of starting full-on potty training quite yet as we are still waiting for her to show some more of the readiness signs. But I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and get the potties, put them in the bathrooms, and let her discover them on her own.

She’s definitely been curious about them so far. She even seems to have a desire to sit down on them, as she’ll stand in front and start to back up as though she’s going to plop down once she’s close enough. When I’ve seen her do this, I’ve encouraged her with things like, “Oh! Is that your potty? Do you want to sit down on your potty?” But as soon as she loses interest in it, I drop the subject completely. I do not hound her to continue.

I know that potty training is completed in many smaller stages, and I think our first victory will be just having her regularly sit down on it while completely clothed; she’s already done it twice, but not quite regularly yet. We have no timeline in mind — we have no delusions of her being potty trained by 20 months or anything — but we figure it’s a good thing to start bringing into her world and especially her language, since I feel that a big component of potty training is successful communication.

(Boy, I sure sound like I know what I’m talking about, huh? Fact is: I know very little and will be seeking out books very soon. Any recommendations are welcome from those of you who have gone through this before.)