Daycare questions

This is a list of questions I composed that might be helpful when interviewing potential daycares. Do you currently have a waiting list?
If there’s a waiting list, how long can you hold the spot before we need to start paying?
What is the student-teacher ratio?
What are the backgrounds (generally) of your teachers?
What kind of training do your teachers receive after they’re hired?
Do teachers receive regular training updates?
Are teachers CPR/first-aid certified?
How are bottles warmed?
Can my baby be fed on demand or on a schedule (parents’ preference)?
Who takes over when another teacher goes to lunch? Is sick?
What kind of security measures do you take?
Under what circumstances would you call us?
Under what circumstances would we have to come pick up the baby?
What is your sick policy? (When can a baby return after being sent home sick?)
What kind of penalties are there for being late?
What is your medication policy?
How hands-on are you as a director?
How do you deal with toddlers that bite?
What kind of turnover rate do you have with your teachers?
Can we bring a diaper bag with baby’s stuff to leave at the daycare?
Can we leave our car seat here?
What do we need to provide? (diapers, wipes, etc.)
Can we bring a mobile for the crib?
What is done to try to prevent the spread of germs?
What kind of activities do you have for the infants?
Can I see a sample menu for the older kids?
Why did you want to become a director?
Why should I want to bring my baby here?
Can I call anytime I want?
Can I stop by whenever?
Can I come to nurse during the day if I want?
Are the children here ethnically diverse?
Do you keep track of feedings/diaper changes in a log?
Do you have cameras in the classrooms?  Can we review the video anytime?
What are your hours?  Penalties for being late?
When is payment due? Any discounts for paying early? Fees for late payments?
When and how often is it determined that tuition might go up?
Do you have any fundraisers?
What do you wish you could add to the daycare right now?
What goes into the decision to close the daycare during inclement weather?
What holidays are you closed?
Are there any teacher in-service days that you’re closed?
When do we start earning “vacation” time? (not having to pay if you’re gone for a week)
What approach do you take to potty training?
What goes into the decision to move a child up to the next room?  What if she’s not ready yet?

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