Bring it on

And in another blink of an eye, summer has vanished. The calendar tells us differently, of course, as does the hot and sticky weather that persists, but with the dawn of a new school year, we have moved on from the lazier, more relaxing days of summer and have been whisked into the upcoming frenzy of the academic world. Time keeps on ticking into the future, as they say.

This year is a big one for us: In addition to The Big Sis starting 4th grade (say what?), we also have The Little Sis starting KINDERGARTEN (get out!) on the heels of celebrating her 5th birthday (jawdrop).

Our littlest baby is starting her own school adventure, and you know what? I actually couldn’t be more excited for her. I don’t feel sad about this transition. I wouldn’t even say that I feel bittersweet about it. Maybe I’m in denial and it’ll hit me later, rather unexpectedly. But part of it is because I know she’s excited. And I know she’s beyond prepared for this. But mostly I feel like I try to put an emphasis on truly enjoying the current stage my girls are experiencing without looking back too longingly at the past. Yes, we have great memories from her baby days, and from her toddler days, and from her preschool days. We soaked up our experiences in those stages and made as many memories as possible. And I know that new adventures await her — and all of us.

We choose to look forward, lest we stumble looking backward. Onward and upward! Fourth grade and kindergarten? Bring it on!


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